Agitation ! Jat Agitation in Haryana ! Reason behind that & Conclusion from Agitation

Agitation ! Jat Agitation in Haryana ! Reason behind that & Conclusion from Agitation 

Agitation which has been become very common in our Country.If we take a look on that it is basically occur in case of very tough situation bear by a community & that time committee take that kind of decision to just meet its demands from the govt.when they have left no other options.


Jat Agitation In Haryana 


Agitation usually seems to seen in our country very less as we can see 2-3  times in the interval of 2-3 years. But now it has been become very common now a days in India.Now we can see that the Pratical eg.of Jat Agitation in Haryana which was started last year & now again continues that.



In Feb 2016 Violent Jat agitation started from the Rohtak Haryana only just to meet the demands of their to come into the OBC category.As that main root mainly started in the UPA govt. by last CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

Reason Behind that Agitation 


Last year in the Starting the Govt. was not in the favour of Jats so to attract the Govt.towards them they started to create the Voilence in their own city & started to attack on the other community People Shops & other income sources except Jat Community Source.


After around Rs 120 Crore loss the govt, has come into so much  their pressure & has been become capable to fulfill their demands.Now at that time they have not got reservation in the Centre so that Year the agitation is just to fulfill their past demands Like reservation in Centre as well as releasing of their Youth Candidates who created violence during last year & has been arrested by police.

Conclusion from Agitation 


As we have discussed above in the last year Violence nothing happened the people whom almost all kinds of the property have been lost during that have only got Rs 10 lakh Compensation from the Govt. we have a list of lot of people  who lost around Rs 5 crore to max.32 crore Property & have got only Rs 10 lakh for the Compensation.


Instead of that these fully mad people have  got the Reservation in OBC category .One of the main reason behind that our so much weak govt.who have not take any kind of action against them during the Violence as within the Presence of Military these all things happen because Military Chief was also Dilbag Singh Suhag which is also from Jat Community & have gave strict order no action should be in any case.


In 2017 they have started their Non Violent dharna From Jan. end & continue that for the Long interval.Here a few fully demands that the given by their leader Yashpal Malik like that would not pay the Motor Bill,Not pay the Electricity Bill as well as not pay the Loan Installments.From that kind of statement we can observe how much literacy is present in India & that why due to these illiterate works India can’t grow.

Now Supreme Court have taken the Order against the AIJASS leader Yashpal Malik & soon u will take the latest news.

After reading the whole can u analyze that what is the main reason behind that whole story.

Reservation  that one is one of the main thing as that was provided during Constitution was written only for those who are economically weak but now the people have started to misuse that.



Eg.Single family person istly grandfather then father then son take the advantage of that instead of that if u are from General Category if you will get top rank only then u have chances for the selection otherwise the whole govt. seats only for them.

So I request Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is Ist great Visionry Prime Minister to take great steps & take a action to totally finsh that reservation & selection should be totally based on the People Level Base.


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