Jolly llb 2 16th Day Total Collection, Income & Earning Scale

Jolly llb 2 is recently released movie in the starting of February 2017.The Movie has been directed as well as written by the Subhash Kapoor. In the Movie main role is played by the Huma Qureshi & Akshay Kumar apart from these two other characters also plays down the significant role in the Movie & make the Movie so much Interesting.People interest regarding the movie has been started to come on the releasing date of the Movie as when the Income of the Scale was reached upto Rs 17 Crore.

Jolly llb 2 16th Day

Total Collection,

Income & Earning Scale 



Jolly llb 2 as the Movie has become the Great movie for the 2017 due to its great impact on the viewers with the lot of qualities present in it.Due to the Marvellous qualities Income Scale of Movie Started From Rs 17 Crore on the ist Day,19 Crore on the 2nd Day & Scale was gradually Increasing day by day as according to the time.


Ist Day Income of Movie                        Rs 17 Crore 

2nd Day Income of Movie                      Rs 19 Crore 

3rd Day Income of Movie                     Rs 20 Crore 

4th Day Income of Movie                     Rs 7 Crore 

5th Day Income of Movie                     Rs 9 Crore 

6th Day Income of Movie                     Rs 5.2 Crore 

7th Day Income of Movie                     Rs 5 Crore 


That Graph usually shows that the Movie has done the Total Income of Around 80 Crore in the ist Weekend.


After the Ist weekend graph usually seems to seen in more up & down like on 8th day Income scale was around Rs 4 Crore then after that next day  7 Crore.


At the End of the Second Week Movie Income Scale was not so much Impressing like the Ist week but was usually Impressive & the Movie has done the Total Business of Around 120 Crore.


Then the Time of third week comes that usually makes the interest so much as on the 15 day Movie Income was 1.75 Crore 14 Was Just 2 Crore & the 16 th day Income was again 2 Crore.That makes the so much Interesting Graph as compared to that of the Second Weekend.



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