Deepika Direct Comment on Priyanka Regarding Comparison

Deepika Direct Comment on Priyanka Regarding Comparison 


Deepika Padukone seems to have tired of being Compared to Priyanka Chopra & says that she can not wrap her hand with the Comparisons with the Priyanka. She directly comments on the Professional level I feels very odd as well as weird while Comparison with the Priyanka.


Deepika Padukone  recently has completed the Bollywood Movie XXX with the W.Diesel & that date will be shortlisted regarding the Movie Releasing date.As there is advance appr. that the Movie will easily done the great business in the Market around Rs 2000 Crore worldwide in the Market.


May be that is one of the main reason behind that whole Scene.




Deepika had directly commented that if her comparison made with the Anushka, Sonam, Sonakshi that is something right but if her comparison done with the Priyanka Chopra that is not fair as that is looking so weird as according to the my level as well as personality.



From here we can directly make the statement that after seeing the huge success in her hands Deepika has become so much egoistic & has been capable to talk everything which is coming in her Mind.



Deepika should understand that Priyanka is her Senior in the Bollywood industry may be her time has not come to prove the best & Deepika has got the Chance to grow more. If at that Position Deepika tries down to maintain her +ve attitude her growth level gradually increase but if the ego factor like that will continue her Success track will automatically converted into the Failure Track.




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