Jolly llb 2 18th Day Box Office Income, Total Collection Report

Jolly llb 2 18th Day Box Office Income, Total Collection Report  

Akshay Kumar Recently released movie has reached to the ending stage with its 18th day income of Rs 60 Lakh & has created the Marvellous position in the Market.As no one can make the idea that the Movie can do that kind of Great Business in these last days  also.


If we talk about the Last Friday as that is Bollywood team approx.idea that it is enough now there is no need of the Movie into the Market but still at that position the Movie has done the total income of Around Rs 2 Crore on the Friday.



Then on the Next day Industry expectation again increases after looking that graph but that time again reduction come & the Movie scale reaches to the level of Rs 1.75 Crore then on the next day again Graph Increases & the Income again reaches to the Level of Rs 2 Crore.




Jolly LLB 2 last Week Last 3 Days Income Scale 



Friday SCALE                          Rs   2   Crore 


Saturday Scale                         Rs 1.75 Crore 


Sunday SCALE                         Rs 2 Crore 



Now on the 18th day the Movie income Scale has been reached to the Level of Rs 60-65 Lakh. At that stage we can say that end of the Movie has been just come.After the Collection of 18th Day the Movie has done the total Income of around Rs 115 Crore from the Indian Market & the Globally income Scale has been just reached around Rs 150 Crore.


Jolly llb 2 Total Collection Report 



Ist Weekend Collection Report                       Rs 77.7 Crore 


2nd  Weekend Collection Report                    Rs 27.7 Crore


3rd  Friday                                                            Rs 1.75 Crore 


3rd  Saturday                                                      Rs 2  Crore 


3rd   Sunday                                                         Rs 1.80 Crore 


3rd   Monday                                                       Rs 60-65 Lakh 


Total Collection                                                Around Rs 113 Crore 



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