Best 5 Private Places For Couples in Chandigarh

Top 10 Best Couple Place, Private Places in Chandigarh 

Hello everyone if u are Searching to spend urs quality time with ur partner in Chandigarh & u don’t know much about this City.Then u don’t worry in today’s internet Era u will get all marvellous info to spend all ur valuable time with ur gf or partner.More  & more info about that u can find on the same blog.

Chandigarh as the Capital of Punjab & Haryana is the dream city of every North Indian People.If u are student in Chandigarh u will easily familiar with the environment of Chandigarh.Couples long Drive on Bikes, Geri Route in Sec 9-10 are very common things every evening here .Being an Citizen of the City I know how people spend their valuable time here.

if u are new & u don’t have any idea regarding that then u don’t worry we will provide u all the info regarding that.








Zakir Rose Garden as one of the Oldest Tourist place in Chandigarh.Here u will find around several thousand qualities of Roses in the same Garden.Main view seems to seen in the Month of Feb.In the Valentine week u can easily enjoy that marvellous place properly  as well as lot of functions held in the Valentine week & whole chd gathering seems to seen here.As we all know that Chandigarh is very Famous For Aashiqui here u will easily seen few couples in the Kissing scene around the back of big trees.











Sukhna Lake & Rock Garden are both on near by places.In the Rock Garden u will find all the structure that are made by the Waste materials like waste plastic, paper, rubber 7 many other things.Apart from this On Sukhna lake u can enjoy boating in the Lake & enjoy the walking path.Here u will also familiar with a lot of Couples busy in their Romantic Activities.









Lasser Valley as that is also one of the oldest park in the Chandigarh.Here u can reach after passing the Rose Garden located near the Geri Roue Chandigarh.In that Park two kind of Crowd ist the Senior Citizen came here for Peace of Mind & 2ndly the Youngsters who came here basically for Romance.












Pinjore Garden located in Pinjore city around 30 Min. route from Chandigarh.Here u will great greenry & water parks.In the centre long water canal that increases its Beauty more.Apart from this huge Mango garden available here.Mostly Foreigners seems to seen here in every season.








Geri Route located near the Lasser Valley.That Rote is basically famous for mainly & mainly Aashiqui.Here u can easily find out the Costly to Costly cars of Chandigarh,In the Evening Around 5-9 pm huge crowd seems to seen here.Here u will find  a lot of Girls on Activa & Cars basically with the main purpose of selecting the boy friend for them after looking the boy’s status like Car & other things.

That place is basically one of the main adda of Aashiqi in Chandigarh.










Panjab University Chandigarh is not Behind the other places in the Chandigarh even after a long years that place also Counted in great places.Here u can easily proposes the Girl if u are few % sense of humour,way of talking & u will easily got the +ve response.I personally experienced the same things & after that reach on the decision to share that.

I think that data may be sufficient for yours to get the updates regarding the Private places to spend the time with your partner.I hope u will enjoy that stuff & for latest updates try to maintain touch with that.


Recently Few days ago I visited New Delhi for my official work where I analyzed properly Delhi city things that irritates me a lot like Waste on everywhere, Peoples don’t have parking sense, Muslim be- faltu ki ego, even have nothing.Then I analyzed why Foreigners more prefer Chandigarh instead of Delhi as the Capital Of India.


I hope u will enjoy the same stuff & other quality stuff will be updated in the future just maintain the little touch with the same.

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