Man Behind the Highway Liquor Ban In India !!!!! Belongs to Chandigarh

The Supreme Court gave its Verdict on 31st March 2017 regarding the ban on Liquor sale in the range of 500 m of State Highways.Every one is curious to know about the Person who have filled the PIL against the shops selling Liquor on & near by the State Highways.

Chandigarh based Person Harman Sidhu is the main person  who filled the PIL against the liquor sale Ban on near by stations of State Highways.As the person main motive was to stop the sale of Liquor on the state highways not on the proper ban on the Sale of Liquor.As the PIL filled person also a drunker his main motive was that the state highways are mainly for long driving purposes not for the drink + drive= Accident Purposes.



Sidhu Response After Liquor Bans 



As according to the Harman Sidhu as the Person who has filled the PIL against the Liquor ban on State Highways.Supreme Court gave its statement regarding that & now the sale on all state highways have been totally banned as well as all the Bars, Breweries in Chandigarh have also banned to Serve the Alcohol due to that the Liquor Companies have faced the Loss of Around I Lakh Crore overall.



Apart from this Sidhu Statement now comes that he also blames Supreme Court for that Statement Because he is also an Alcoholic Person, he also suffers a lot while travelling a mile more to purchase the same Product.







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