How to make ur Girlfriend ready for romance in 10 days

How to make ur Girlfriend ready for romance in 10 days:  Today’s Youngsters as well as College Going Students always have a question in their Mind how to make the girlfriend istly if that step completes then how to make the gf ready for the Romance in just few days .As Today’s era is very fast only 10 % Couples u will see that will seen in the True Love.Today’s Youngsters want everything very fast.


Let us take a look on the Topic of the same Blog as the data we have shared in the above Article is that how to make the Gf in just few days as well as ready her for the Romance in the starting days.


Being an Boyfriend I have Gained Few % Experience about the girls.If I talk about My College Life during our College time mostly Boys shy in the Starting to talk with the Girls.I am also one of them & girls mainly take the advantage of that.Basically in the College Starting days few boys who got the risky chance of Proposing the Girls & takes the Response out of some rejections if +ve easily enjoys their full Graduation & the other one only passes their time by seeing them.





In the Starting I am also one of the Same Personality but after that I realized that Yaar that is not fair.Just Try down to change Urself if wants to enjoy these Things.



I Apply few steps & I got the results in just few days.



  1. Istly in front the girls I have Become so much Depressed & whole Group of Girls ne Khili Udaaayi meere Bhut Jyada.


      2. Second day after Few Friends Motivation  I again try & after seeing me they gain starts to create drama now that time I started to talk with them & feels few % Confident. 


  Then on the Next Day i have become Few % More Open & starts to talk with them More Openly because of my few friends support in their Group.


On the Very next day I apply the Trick & while i passes in front of these Girls i make the drama of Busy On Phone & don’t look towards her Group.
Suddenly the Response + Comment from them” So mUch Busy” Comes & after that I completed Phone Drama few Minutes  & joins their  Group.



In the end of Ist Week I have Planned the date with one of the Best Girl in that Group & on the 10 st & 11 th day response from my gf comes .let us go to the Trip of few days Outside the City.



So Friends that my own Story about my Ist Gf in Chandigarh.After that the whole Scene 1 Thing come in my Mind just to share that Message with my Friends so that they can Also took the Benefit of that.




Important Steps  



 Proper Way Of Talking



Fully Respect from Urs Side 



Sense Of Humour 



Starting Respect her any qualities more & more 
















After few % Response her hair respect with urs hands in them provides better Results



Kissing Scene after 70 % Response matters a lot 



Target of date within Ist Week matters a lot



So this is my Personal Experience as i have Shared on the same Blog.In the starting u will see as that looks like an essay but i Explained here Little little in few steps.Try down to use these steps if u likes that if not try down some Other Principles But try again More & More.







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